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About Essay Writing Service – BUYUSTOMESSAY | An Island Oasis

About Essay Writing Service – BUYUSTOMESSAY


Nothing improves student performance as quickly and significantly as better essay writing skills.
Essay writing skills are the key to students achieving better results in every subject.
Assessors can’t help but be influenced by how students organize and express ideas. The use of essays and assignments for assessment has increased enormously in schools and universities – not just in the humanities, but across almost all subjects.
Meanwhile, the focus on formal skills development has nowhere near kept pace with the new emphasis. As a result, improving essay writing skills represents a powerful opportunity to improve overall student performance.
The long term benefits flow on into every career path, through better writing of memos, reports, technical papers, proposals, appraisals, presentations…


For lasting benefit, students need to build competence and confidence in all aspects of the essay writing process – from research and idea selection, through structure and flow, to expression, tone and style…
This is best done at a pace suitable to a student’s individual abilities, requiring maybe a few sessions, or regular sessions over a period of time.
Once the essentials are established, further improvement comes via structured feedback sessions, using current essays and assignments.

Evan Mitchell graduated from University of Sydney with an Honours degree in English Literature.
He is co-author of two books, the most recent (hardcover, Praeger USA, 2009) a collection of essays which received positive reviews from publications as wide ranging as Book News, The Chronicle of Higher Education, LA Weekly, Oregon Magazine, Journal Sentinal Online, National Public Radio and Sydney University Alumni Magazine.
His fifteen year coaching experience ranges from one-on-one and group tutoring of secondary and tertiary students, to extensive professional coaching of senior personnel in Australian and US corporations.


All student ability levels and essay improvement aims are accommodated, basic, intermediate and advanced – from mastering a concise and practical method, to the use of a wide range of stylistic embellishments, making essays more personable and powerful through techniques such as targeted use of points of view, metaphor, anecdote and cultural (even pop-cultural) allusion.

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